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Spreading Self Love and Acceptance

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Our students learned a beautiful message about the importance of self love from a brand new author… who is only 6-years-old! Camden resident Ka’Maya Shanelle and her mother joined our kindergarten and first grade students on Zoom to talk about Ka’Maya’s coloring and activity book called I Love Myself.

We were also happy to share the experience with students at two of our outreach partners: St. Francis Cabrini and Mercy Neighborhood Ministries. Students from all three schools asked Ka’Maya questions, from why she picked the topic to how she worked with an illustrator to create coloring book pages that feature children of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and colors.

Ka’Maya wrote the book to share her affirmations with other children her age, encouraging feelings of pride and acceptance of the qualities that make them and the person sitting next to them both unique. It was a message worthy of being shared over and over with our youngest students.

“I thought you were only supposed to love other people, but I learned that you are supposed to love yourself and treat yourself nicely, too,” reflected kindergartener Waylon P.

All students, including those from our outreach partners, took home a copy of the coloring book that we purchased so they continue their journey of self love.


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