Our parents are vital to the Waldron Mercy community. They trust our faculty and staff to educate their children during the most formative years. Learn why they chose a Waldron Mercy education below. 


Our recent alumni also offer valuable insight on how Waldron Mercy shaped them into the people they are today.  Read their thoughts here. 


Hans and Catherine Braun, Emma ’14, Heloise ’17

We joined the WMA community in 2010 with the initiation of our daughter, Emma, into fifth grade. On first visiting WMA, we immediately felt that the school was a perfect fit for our family. We both had attended Catholic schools and appreciated the dedication to education, values and respect for others that Catholic schools embody. WMA not only encompassed these qualities, but we saw that there was something special in the student culture. We found an environment that also promotes independence, self-assuredness and self-empowerment, qualities we feel are very important in our children’s development. In September 2011, Emma was joined at WMA by her little sister Héloïse. As was the case with Emma, one could clearly see the positive influence WMA has had on Héloïse. WMA is a very special school that is laying a solid foundation that will serve our daughters for the rest of their lives.


Nicole, Bryce ’22, Nia ’18, and Yakeema Elie

Waldron Mercy Academy has been all that we expected and so much more.

When we made the decision to send our daughter, Nia, to Waldron in kindergarten, we knew we were becoming part of a special community.

Nia was welcomed by students and faculty with open and caring arms and we, as parents, were encouraged to participate in her education in a way we didn’t know was possible. She is surrounded daily by people who truly do care about her academically and emotionally.As a family that commutes every day from New Jersey, this makes us feel good as parents that we are providing the best experience possible for our children.

In the fall of 2012, our son Bryce joined Nia and already has tons of friends, due in part to the amazing family activities Waldron has throughout the year.

Every year we see Nia grow in her caring and concern for others, become a more confident student and a child that is excited to go to school every day. We couldn’t be happier or more excited that Bryce experiences the same joy and love of learning!


Dr. Antonio and Laura Di Carlo, Juliana ’16, Adamo ’20

Our children began a Mercy education in pre-kindergarten in another state. When we moved to Pennsylvania, Waldron immediately stood out. When our children first shadowed at Waldron they immediately felt welcomed. We saw so much opportunity in the school, and we could see our children growing in a merciful spirit, and thriving in this school. Sure enough they did. The Sisters of Mercy education has nurtured our children to be respectful, kind, and giving individuals. Through the support of dedicated faculty and staff, they have thrived academically and have been encouraged to excel in all their courses. Through the collaboration of hard working staff and the many generous Waldron families and community, Waldron continues to develop its programs of languages, math, and STEM. Not only are students challenged in their curriculum but they are encouraged to develop their special interests in programs such as forensics, model UN, and community outreach. They are encouraged to serve their communities and make it a better place for all.

Now our daughter is thriving in high school and she credits the foundation she obtained at Waldron. Our son has grown and matured so much at Waldron and continues to learn as he nears the end of his Mercy education. He too will soon be a proud alum of this wonderful school.


Roman and Elana McDonald, Roman Jr. ’18, and Ryan ’21

We joined the Waldron Mercy Academy family when our sons, Roman and Ryan, were entering first grade and ECC. We had just moved back to Philadelphia from the suburbs. As we looked at private schools, a family friend highly recommended Waldron Mercy Academy. We instantly fell in love with the school, starting with our initial visit with Sister Joellen. As we toured the school, we were amazed at how poised and well-spoken the students were as they were spontaneously stopped in the hallways and asked what they enjoyed about Waldron. Roman was equally thrilled to come to Waldron. During his visit to the school, the other students welcomed him with open arms.

Waldron has challenged our sons academically, while fostering the same core values we instill in them at home. The school also provides great sports, music, and art opportunities. We love the sense of community that is ever present at Waldron. The parents are always welcome to participate in a multitude of activities. We look forward to our children's continued growth academically, personally, and socially at Waldron Mercy Academy.


Dan and Suzanne Gallagher, Jack ’19, Luke ’19, Quinn ’23, Reece ‘26

We're often asked, "Why do you send your kids to Waldron Mercy Academy?" We have four sons, we live in a town with a public school district and several neighborhood Catholic Schools within miles of our house; and yet, we send our kids to Waldron Mercy.

When we started researching schools eight years ago, we were looking for a school where each of our children, with their unique gifts and talents, could thrive academically, socially and spiritually. We wanted a place where our boys would be exposed to diverse experiences, a place where educating the whole person and making the world a better place were paramount. It needed to be a comfortable and safe learning environment -- a home away from home where our children would be both supported and loved and could grow in faith. Most importantly, the curriculum and experience needed to provide the foundation for life in academics, arts and community. Eight years ago, we never could have imagined just how special WMA would become to us.

Waldron Mercy Academy is an investment worth its weight in gold (and blue!). Through its commitment to a values-based education, diversity, small class size, a strong arts program, athletic programs and other well-rounded opportunities (service opportunities, STEM challenges, rock band), we know our children are challenged to grow in a very unique way. Complement that with the Waldron Mercy community and you find yourself surrounded by kind, compassionate, respectful families that support the teachers, coaches and administration in all they do.

WMA has truly played a significant role in shaping and educating our children. We see our boys growing into gentlemen who are aware of their faith and encouraged to find their gifts and a sense of place in the world. Our whole family is benefiting from their experience of being educated in the Mercy tradition and for that we are grateful and blessed. We are so proud to be a Waldron Mercy Academy family!


Patrick Oates, Evelyn Sample-Oates, Andrea-Rose '18, and John-Patrick '22

Waldron Mercy Academy has been a part of our history for the last four decades. Our family members attended the school when it was Waldron Academy, and we have never left the family circle. The school and the surrounding community has been a blessing in the lives of our children. We love the Waldron Mercy Academy experience from childcare to now. Our kids are much better people because they are receiving a Waldron education.

The teachers are compassionate about children and passionate about teaching. The students are kind and open to new friendships, and the entire staff embraces both children and parents.
What we like best as parents is the diversity and the Mercy values. We teach our children what we were taught and that is, “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required.” The Lord has blessed our family and we are required to give back and help those less fortunate. That is the Mercy way! Those values are taught every day at Waldron Academy. I applaud the new and innovative curriculum coupled with the state-of-the art equipment that will only result in outstanding achievements for our children. Thank you, Waldron Mercy Academy, for providing a quality education, a safe and trusting environment and an enjoyable experience for the Oates Family.


Chris and Christine Wiegand, with Mason '21 and Emerson, Mont.

We are thankful to have had many excellent elementary school choices in our area and we couldn’t be more pleased to have chosen Waldron for our two children, Mason and Emerson (and our kids agree!). During our four years associated with the school it has exemplified what we hoped for – a superb environment for a young person to learn and mature, to develop a respect and compassion for others, and to be constantly encouraged to discover. Each day we are more impressed with the markings of a Waldron education in our children and in the other students.      

During the introductory school tour, we knew we found the right fit for our family. Having both had positive Montessori experiences as young children we sought out a similar program for our kids. What we found was a Montessori program true to the principles of Maria Montessori, and beyond that, an educational environment rich in diversity and spirit. We witnessed our son thrive. In addition to his cognitive development, Mason grew in confidence. He also developed a love and pride for his school.  Never was this more evident than when we asked him if he wanted to consider joining some neighborhood friends at another school. To say he was adamant about staying put is an understatement. This year, as Mason moves out of Montessori, our daughter, Emerson, begins her journey through the program. We share in her excitement to follow in big brother’s footsteps.

There is an overwhelming feeling of community at Waldron. You spend a few minutes walking the hallways and it is unmistakable. On Mason’s first day of first grade any trepidation he had was, by his own account over dinner that night, washed away by the announcement of his birthday over the loudspeaker. We are grateful to have become members of a very special community.


Albert and Melissa Parker, John '11, Avery '14, and Peyton '17

Waldron Mercy Academy has been a wonderful fit for our family. We entered in fourth grade with our son, John, and were welcomed into the community with open arms. He has truly been blessed with wonderful friends, supportive teachers and a variety of extracurricular activities to keep him busy. Our daughters, Avery and Peyton transitioned beautifully. The teachers are nurturing and celebrate each child for his or her individual strengths and accomplishments, whether they are academic, athletic or community-service based.

The opportunities to learn and thrive at WMA are available in multiple areas and we look forward to continuing to explore them. The spirit of mercy and giving is also an integral part of WMA and it is reflected in the students, families, faculty and staff of the school. We have valued our experience so much and feel that our children will carry their WMA experiences and lessons with them throughout their lives.


Waldron Mercy Academy

Waldron Mercy Academy, a Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, is a diverse, faith community rooted in the gospel values of mercy and justice. We are a school where the joy of discovery inspires serious study, social responsibility, and strong faith.

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