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Mercy in Action

Waldron Mercy Academy is proud to be a Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy

In and out of the classroom, we discuss what it means to be driven by a mission of Mercy and faith. Being a person of faith is not just about believing, but also about doing.


We offer the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion to our students, guiding them through the foundational rites of passage in their study of Catholicism.


While we are based in the Catholic faith, our student body comes from diverse religious backgrounds, further enriching the faith-based education.


Waldron Mercy Academy is unwaveringly committed to fulfilling its charge of service, Mercy and faith. This commitment extends beyond service projects. It is integrated into everything we do and partnerships are created that last for years.


Waldron Mercy Academy has a vibrant spiritual life that encourages our community to root themselves in their relationship with God. Daily prayer helps to center students, faculty and staff as we begin our day.


At Waldron Mercy Academy, Outreach is a big part of every grade level and daily school life. Each grade is paired with an outreach partner and experiences frequent visits with these partners. There are also many in-school outreach opportunities for students to take part in.

For one week each summer, WMA sponsors an integrative social service experience in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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