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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


“Waldron Mercy Academy is a diverse, faith community rooted in the gospel values of mercy and justice.”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are very important to us -- so important that these concepts are included in our mission statement. We are committed to educating the diverse community that lives in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our doors are open to students of all genders, abilities, races and ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses. Though we are a Catholic school, we welcome students of all religious backgrounds. 


Our Board of Trustees’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee works to support our Mission by assuring that the entirety of the school’s policies, procedures and operations recognize and reverence the dignity and uniqueness of every individual who touches or is a part of our diverse community. This Committee works with Waldron Mercy to host events every year that further the establishment and growth of harmonious and equitable relationships in our community.

DEI Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Commitments to anti-racism, non-violence, and social justice are at the core of our mission and what we teach our students to live in their daily lives. Conversations to address our children's questions, fears, and understanding about racism are essential to have. Below are some resources for developmentally appropriate ways to talk to children of all ages about racism


Parent Tool Kit -- This is a helpful resource on how to talk to kids about race and racism, with advice to: actually talk about, set an example, navigate curiosity, make it relatable, address mistakes, be an advocate. This article has links to additional resources for parents and teachers towards the end.

Why it is important to talk with children about racism in the news -- 5/31/20 article in USA Today


Supporting Kids of Color Amid Racialized Violence -- tailored toward addressing issues with young children


Starting to Talk About Race with Kids: Anti-Racism for Beginners -- resources including age-appropriate books


MESA (Mercy Educational System of the Americas) website for a list of educational resources on anti-racism and all of the Mercy Critical Concerns.

Racial Diversity Books For Children

Use the link below to view a book list curated by our School Counselor and our librarian. This list includes topics such as "Celebrating Racial Diversity", "Explaining Racism to Children", "Teaching about Being Treated Unfairly for Differences", as well as books by Black authors and illustrators, books about Black characters, and biographies about People of Color. 

"Let's Talk About It" Club

The club is open to students in grades 6-8 and meets after school on Mondays starting 11/22/21. It is a safe space for Black students and allies to talk, work together, and unite through meetings and events focused on culturally relevant issues. A calendar of the topics for each meeting will be sent to member's parents. Email faculty sponsor Ashley Robinson ( with questions. 

Sister of Mercy's Critical Concern of Anti-Racism

"Racism in all its forms contradicts Catholic Social Teaching, which calls for respect for the human dignity of every person. The Sisters of Mercy oppose racism and are actively working to develop an intercultural perspective within our Institute as well as within the communities we live and serve." - Sisters of Mercy of the America's website

DEI in Action

Mercy Mindset Series

Each month, two eighth grade students interview an alumni who continues to live out WMA's Mercy mission. We place an emphasis on featuring a diverse array of alumni, to include many different racial/ethnic backgrounds and professions.The interviews are recorded and distributed for students in all grades to watch in religion class. This acts not only as a tool to inspire our students to grow in service and outreach, but also allows our eighth graders opportunities to hone public speaking skills and form connections with adults who once sat in their seats. 

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