Ann Marie Braca
Theresa Gannon
Vice Principal
Mark Murray
Director of Finance & Operations
Suzanne Gallagher
Director of Admissions
Barb Scott
Director of Innovation
Kristen Romano
Director of Lower School
Greg Soltis
Director of Outreach and Religious Education
Adam Dickman
Director of Athletics
Lorraine Cox
Administrative Assistant
Fran Gallagher
Administrative Assistant
Christine Burrell
Administrative Assistant
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Mary Augustine
Montessori Teacher
Amy Orapallo
Montessori Assistant
Louise Orchard
Montessori Assistant
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Preschool Plus

Anne Wellman
Preschool Plus Teacher
Sarah Sebree
Preschool Plus Assistant
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Sandy Evans
Preschool Teacher
Nancy McKinley
Preschool Assistant
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Mary Pat Miner
Pre-K Teacher
Room A
Maria Leuzzi
Pre-K Teacher
Room B
Antaniece Morrow
Pre-K Assistant
Room A
Eva Morinigo
Pre-K Assistant
Room B
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Rachel Sacchetti Gilbert
Kindergarten Teacher
Room A
Rachael Jordan
Kindergarten Teacher
Room B
Lisa Ricchiuti
Kindergarten Assistant
Room A
Gail Ireland
Kindergarten Assistant
Room B
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First Grade

Kristine Maletta
First Grade Teacher
Room 10
Jacki Pawlowski
First Grade Teacher
Room 11
Eileen Aurand
First Grade Teacher
Room 12
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Second Grade

Catherine Rissover
Second Grade Teacher
Room 7
Courtney McLaughlin
Second Grade Teacher
Room 8
Angela McKelvey
Second Grade Teacher
Room 9
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Third Grade

Colleen Matkowski
Third Grade Teacher
Room 4
Gina Flatley
Third Grade Teacher
Room 5
Michelle Orapallo
Third Grade Teacher
Room 6
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Fourth Grade

Elizabeth Pavone
4th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Room 24
Bonnie Guarini
4th Grade Religion & Math Teacher
Room 25
Megan Kinson
4th Grade SS & Science Teacher
Room 26
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Fifth Grade

Megan Sally
5th Grade English Teacher
Room 21
Daniel Kane
5th Grade Religion & SS Teacher
Room 22
Mary Ann Kuzan
5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher
Room 23
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Sixth Grade

Dennis Mastriano
6th Grade SS & Religion Teacher
Room 18
Susan Burns
5th & 6th Grade Math Teacher
Room 20
Alexandra Kramer
6th Grade English Teacher
Room 19
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Seventh Grade

Samdai Stricklan
7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher
Room 14
Joe Leonard
7th Grade English Teacher
Room 16
Eileen Flanagan
7th & 8th Grade SS Teacher
Room 16A
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Eighth Grade

Katie DeSanto
8th Grade English Teacher
Room 15
Irene Pawlish
7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher
Room 17
Mary Fresta
7th & 8th Grade Religion Teacher
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Beth Hymel
Art Teacher
Patty Pappatheodore
Preschool Art Teacher
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Adam Dickman
Physical Education Teacher
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Krista Fitzpatrick
Librarian / Citizens Teacher
Sr. Marita Carmel Rondinelli, RSM
Library Assistant
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Michael Borton
Director of Music
Barbara Baldwin
Music Teacher
Linda Betlejeski
Preschool Music Teacher
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Janet Mammen
Science Specialist
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Anita Suero
Preschool Spanish Teacher
Ashley Kontostergios
Elementary Spanish Teacher
Carolina Kakos
Middle School Spanish Teacher
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Student Services

Mary Ann DeHoratius
Math Specialist
Joanne Dougherty
Reading Specialist
Mary Goodman
Reading Specialist
Sr. Barbara MacWilliams, RSM
Reading Enrichment Specialist
Gina Venezia
Reading Specialist
Grace Zorn
School Counselor
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John Barber
Williamson Hospitality
Nancy Cahill
Business Manager
Sonia Colavita
Accounting Manager
Candace Flowers
School Nurse
Peg Flynn
Director of Development
Caili Fogarty
Advancement Services / Database Manager
Tim Kelly
Facilities Operations
Jimmy Hamilton
Williamson Hospitality
Bill Lane
Carolyn Leonard
Marketing / Communications Coordinator
Sharon Logan
Karen McGinley
Advancement Assistant
Jim O'Donnell
Facilities Manager
Desmond Powell
Ashley Robinson
Special Events Coordinator and Admissions Coordinator
Michael White
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Waldron Mercy Academy

Waldron Mercy Academy, a Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, is a diverse, faith community rooted in the gospel values of mercy and justice. We are a school where the joy of discovery inspires serious study, social responsibility, and strong faith.

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