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Spiritual Life

Waldron Mercy Academy has a vibrant spiritual life that encourages our community to root themselves in their relationship with God. Morning prayer helps to center students, faculty and staff as we begin our day. Prayer services and liturgies allow us to celebrate special feast days and seasons of the liturgical year, and to reflect upon our call to justice and Mercy. Prayer services occur in the midst of our Wednesday Community Gatherings, marking occasions such as the Feast of All Souls, the season of Advent, or Peace and Justice Day. We also gather as a community to celebrate liturgy on special days such as Mercy Day (September 24), Advent, and Ascension Thursday. Students and faculty prepare our liturgies and act as ministers of the Word, song and Eucharist. 

Liturgical Music Group

Sixth to eighth grade WMA students lead our singing at liturgies and prayer services.


With great joy we accompany our students in their faith formation. The sacramental program is integrated into our Religious Education curriculum. Students are prepared to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in grade two and receive this with the school community. Confirmation preparation occurs in grade five and students receive this sacrament with their parish community.

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