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Why Waldron?

Why choose Waldron for your child? At Waldron Mercy Academy, students imagine, explore, discover, and learn. They are invested in their own education and are driven to succeed. 


Scientists, teachers, doctors, designers, filmmakers, lawyers, digital media wizards – our alumni are proof that students graduate from Waldron Mercy Academy as inspired, determined, and caring individuals eager to take on life's challenges. Our youngest alumni are the most recent examples of an almost century long tradition of quality education in action. These students move on to high school and college ready to take on the world. 


Want to learn more?



Attended St. Joseph's Preparatory School

"The biggest thing WMA prepared me for in high school was the material they teach. The concepts of eighth grade math were essentially identical to my Honors Algebra I class in freshman year. WMA did a very good job of helping me understand the concepts of the subject so that I could take it to another level in high school."



Attended William Penn Charter School

"Without a doubt, Waldron Mercy prepared me for high school and beyond. Not only was I prepared for regular classes, but I was also prepared for advanced classes. As a freshman, I was placed in Advanced Geometry, and currently as a sophomore, I am doing very well in Advanced Chemistry and Advanced Algebra II. The rigorous academics at Waldron developed my study habits and stamina, and it also set high standards within my life for which I continue to strive. I was pushed not only to be good, but also to be excellent. That is something I continue to cherish to this day. I was nurtured with so much love and care that Waldron will always have a warm spot in my heart. My kindergarten to eighth grade education at Waldron was a wonderful, enriching experience."



Attended William Penn Charter School

"Waldron Mercy Academy provided me with the right criteria and knowledge to get me ready for high school. WMA teachers taught how to write papers really well, which prepared me for writing in high school. The organizational skills I learned made it easier to do work in high school. When I came to Waldron in the third grade, math was one of my worst subjects. By the time I graduated, it was one of my best!"



Attended Lower Merion High School

"Waldron prepared me both academically and socially for high school. I now go to Lower Merion High School, so it was quite a change for coming from a small, private, Catholic school to a large, public school. However, I feel as if Waldron prepared me well even though the two schools are quite different in some aspects, such as size. The teachers and faculty at Waldron have always been supportive and helpful, and continue to be whenever I visit. Waldron has made such an impact on me. WMA has a wide variety of activities that one can join. I was in many different activities, and I admire that Waldron was a school that encouraged students to be well-rounded by making sure that they could fit multiple activities into their schedule if wanted to without having to give something else up. The faculty at Waldron is something else that I greatly admire because, as I think back to my times at Waldron, I come up with a countless amount of memories that I had with teachers and other staff members at WMA. Everyone was incredibly friendly and enjoyable."



Attended LaSalle College High School

"Waldron Mercy Academy is uncontested in its ability to educate the whole person. My time at La Salle College High School has been far from herculean, thanks to the faculty and staff at WMA. In retrospect, the experiences and education which I obtained throughout my tenure at WMA will undoubtedly remain within me for the rest of my life. I am sure that Waldron Mercy Academy will be a vanguard in education for years to come."



Attended Merion Mercy Academy

"WMA prepared me for the high school experience extremely well including the study skills and the tests we received, which were not easy.  It challenged your thinking outside the box. Getting help for reading while attending Waldron truly helped and, once I went to high school, the grammar was all review. I knew the answer to certain questions with no trouble. Lastly, the mathematics department and science department at WMA are such great resources in being useful in the upper grade levels. Without learning the information I did, I do not think I would be the student that I am today."

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