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Why Waldron?

Why choose Waldron for your child? At Waldron Mercy Academy, students imagine, explore, discover, and learn. They are invested in their own education and are driven to succeed. 


Scientists, teachers, doctors, designers, filmmakers, lawyers, digital media wizards – our alumni are proof that students graduate from Waldron Mercy Academy as inspired, determined, and caring individuals eager to take on life's challenges. Our youngest alumni are the most recent examples of an almost century long tradition of quality education in action. These students move on to high school and college ready to take on the world. 


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Attended St. Joseph's Preparatory School

"The biggest thing WMA prepared me for in high school was the material they teach. The concepts of eighth grade math were essentially identical to my Honors Algebra I class in freshman year. WMA did a very good job of helping me understand the concepts of the subject so that I could take it to another level in high school."