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Middle School

"The biggest thing WMA prepared me for in high school was the material they teach. The concepts of eighth grade math were essentially identical to my Honors Algebra I class in freshman year. WMA did a very good job of helping me understand the concepts of the subject so that I could take it to another level in high school."


- Connor, Class of 2011

By Middle School, Waldron Mercy Academy students are expanding their minds and their independence. In a K-8 school environment, Middle School students have the opportunity to be the class leaders and grow both in confidence and in service.

Our interdisciplinary approach allows our students to strengthen their knowledge, public speaking, and skills across all subjects, from writing in history and science, to technology in service and religious education.

Service is both ingrained and empowered in our Middle School students as they continue to support their Outreach Partners and others in the Delaware Valley.

Parent involvement is encouraged and the Waldron Mercy community is a close-knit one, working side by side on projects. A mutual respect between teachers and students provide open access for students to seek out counsel and also work to develop extracurricular activities that build on skills and interests.

Grades 5-8


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