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Studio Arts

The visual arts program at WMA teaches not only the production of art, but also the appreciation of art. Students learn the history and culture of artists and art forms. Each year a theme is chosen around which the art curriculum revolves. "Ancient Egypt," “Art in Spanish-Speaking Countries," "Asian Art," "European Art Through Time," "African Art," and "American Art" have been explored.

At the end of the year, one work of art from each grade is selected to be framed and hung in the school as part of our permanent art collection for all to see.

Students who study studio arts seriously are taught to see better, to envision, to be playful, to learn from mistakes, to make critical judgments, and justify such judgments. At WMA, we value achievements in the arts as highly as achievements in academics.

Beth Hymel.jpg

Beth Hymel

K-8 Art Teacher


Patty Papatheodore

Preschool Art Teacher

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