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Lower School

At Waldron Mercy Academy, our Lower School begins in first grade and extends through fourth grade, when they become Middle School students for grades five through eight. The common thread that extends through everything we do is a strong trust in children and a commitment to meeting each student at their level. 

Our flexible and gifted teachers are committed to directed learning, with differentiation that allows for a deeper dive or subject acceleration among our most gifted learners and extra support for students whose learning styles and abilities can benefit from the expanded personal involvement. We are committed to personalized learning outside the classroom, as well, whether students need enrichment or extra support from our specialists. The language arts program and math program used in the Lower School allows for consistency between grade levels. Both emphasis classroom learning with breakouts that enable individuals to learn at their own levels. The material covered from year to year is carefully planned to build on students' experiences and knowledge from the year before.


Children learn by example and each student is paired with a Big Buddy, providing a friend, a mentor and a glimpse into their future.

Service and outreach begins early as we cultivate a sense of mindfulness and awareness that we have a role to play in this world and each one of us, no matter how young, can and will make a difference.

Our students enter Middle School with academic and personal confidence, ready to take on new challenges.

Grades 1-4

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