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World Languages 



Early Education

Spanish in Montessori, kindergarten, and first grade classes is introduced in a fun, welcoming environment. Skills are developed through prayers, songs, skits, new vocabulary, and grammar. The Spanish alphabet allows students to develop their skills in Spanish pronunciation. Customs and cultural practices from different Spanish-speaking countries are also introduced. Through the study of the culture, geography, and civilization, students have available to them another perspective of the world which enlarges their total vision.

Lower School

Grades two through five participate in introductory level Spanish classes. They take what they learned in early education and continue to advance their language skills. Students begin with a review of the basic skills covered in first grade, including numbers and counting, the Spanish alphabet, and basic conversational vocabulary. As they progress, students learn greetings and introductions, basic questions and answers, and conversational vocabulary. In fifth grade, students continue building target language vocabulary while strengthening communication, grammar and writing skills in Spanish. To prepare them for sixth through eighth grades, students are graded in Spanish classes beginning in fifth grade.

Middle School - High School Prep

The Spanish curriculum in the last three grades of Middle School is intended to prepare the students for high school. In recent years many students have placed as far as Honors Spanish II in ninth grade, while the majority of them place in Honors Spanish 1. In sixth grade, formal instruction of grammar begins. Emphasis is put on reading comprehension and writing, as they begin to learn basic oral skills. This is continued in seventh grade, where the student's confidence and love for the language increases. By eighth grade, the students have lost the "fear" of speaking, and are capable of communicating with others.


Students are taught introductory Latin in eighth grade. They learn basic vocabulary and structures, and are educated in ancient Roman culture.  The course provides a base level of knowledge that enables students to succeed in Latin in high school, as many of the school our students attend have Latin requirements. 

Ashley Kontostergios.jpg

Ashley Kontostergios

Grades 1, 2, 3, 5, 7  

Spanish Teacher


Silvia Alvarez

Grades 4, 6, 8

Spanish Teacher