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Waldron Mercy Academy 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Since our founding in 1923, Waldron Mercy Academy has provided an exceptional academic foundation rooted in the gospel values of mercy and justice. It is these same core values that continue to propel our work on a daily basis. For the last century, Waldron Mercy Academy has produced students that are uniquely identified by their intellect, leadership, confidence, commitment to justice and their impact on the world around them. 


Guided by the charisms and words of Sisters of Mercy foundress Catherine McAuley, “We should be shining lamps giving light to all around us”, our 2021-25 strategic plan, "Bold Vision, Bright Future," identifies five pillars that illuminate a bright future for our school and our students. 

We are excited about the future of Waldron Mercy Academy and to prepare our students for the challenges of the next decade, and we encourage you to view the "Bold Vision; Bright Future" below, along with a set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the strategic plan.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement at Waldron Mercy Academy!

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