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Personalized Learning

The faculty and staff at Waldron Mercy are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to education. We provide resources for academic and emotional support that are molded to fit a specific students needs.  Our teachers work with the student and his or her family to devise a plan that best suits the individual, whatever that may be.

"The rigorous academics at Waldron developed my study habits and stamina, and it also set high standards within my life for which I continue to strive. I was pushed not only to be good, but also to be excellent. That is something I continue to cherish to this day. I was nurtured with so much love and care that Waldron will always have a warm spot in my heart."


- Paige, Class of 2012



We offer a variety of programs for students who excel in math and language arts. Students are separated into leveled math classes started in fifth grade. Students are placed into levels based on grades, classroom performance, and Terra Nova scores. In special cases, students in the Lower School will be given the opportunity for enrichment in math. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade can be invited into enrichment reading groups separated by grade. The students read and discuss novels and learn more about elements of writing and literature. Additionally, students who reach beyond our curriculum can have the opportunity to use accredited online math and Spanish programs, guided by parents and our specialists.




We offer unique resources to accommodate students who need additional support in all subject areas. There are four specialists on staff: one for Middle School reading, one for Middle School math, and two that offer students support in the remaining content areas. The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides support staff for our Lower School students. MCIU staff come to our campus to work with students who could benefit from their expertise. All of this support is provided to students during regular school hours.

Two of our specialists run study groups after school for students in grades four to eight. These groups are individualized to meet students’ needs and cover the subject areas in which they need extra help.




Waldron Mercy's school counselor is on staff full time and provides individual social-emotional support to students in all grades. Classroom guidance lessons are also offered throughout the year covering topics on bullying, friendship skills, feelings, decision making, and more. Consultation between a teacher and the school counselor can also result in specialized classroom lessons as needed. 


Students can also be referred by a teacher or parent to join a small guidance group, typically lasting about six to eight weeks. During group meetings with students, the school counselor helps children understand and accept themselves, cope with family changes and/or family crises, develop decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, anger management techniques, and problem solving strategies. 


If further counseling is warranted, the school counselor can help the parents/family obtain support services outside the school environment. To learn more about WMA's counseling services or if you have a student concern, contact counselor Grace Zorn or visit her website.




Studying for tests, managing time, researching for papers: our students learn skills they need to succeed academically and in their personal lives in their Citizens special. 




In the blink of an eye, our students are graduating eighth grade and moving on to high school. To ease the application process, our students receive specialized high school test preparation. The program starts in sixth grade, where students will learn Latin vocabulary and roots in anticipation of high school entrance tests. Seventh grade students learn skills, strategies, diagnostic tests in preparation for the practice HSPT. Students in eighth grade continue to be educated in skills and strategies for placement tests and also take practice tests in anticipation of HSPT, ISEE, and SSAT examinations.


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