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Digital Citizenship

Waldron Mercy teaches students to be savvy citizens of the digital world: how to use the internet safely and effectively, determine the best research tools, how to cultivate empathy through technology, and more.


Some of this learning is done directly in the classroom, but much of it is done in our Citizens class, which is a special in grades 1-8 (other specials include art, music, and gym). Citizens focuses on four areas that often overlap:




In today’s online world, students need guidance on how to navigate and use these wonderful resources safely and for good. Using Common Sense Media lessons, we address digital safety and how it applies to social media and internet usage.





Research is taught in relation to what students are learning in their core subjects. Teacher collaboration drives the focus of these lessons and skills such as properly using citations, using databases, website evaluation, and using primary sources are taught.





We start off our year with lessons on study skills. The focus of these lessons is organization, time management, note taking, and how to study. Our goal is that students learn to use their time wisely and efficiently to study smarter.




Reading is essential for every student and has been proven to lead to higher test scores and better grades. To promote literacy, our library has thousands of books for the students to choose and check out. Literature is regularly shared with students in the forms of read-alouds, book talks, and book trailers. New titles are added to our collection regularly to encourage the students to have a good book in their hands at all times.

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