Welcome to Waldron Mercy Academy! We understand that how students learn sets the stage for who they will become as leaders, scholars and compassionate contributors to society. We offer an innovative curriculum combining academics, technology, arts, athletics, and service, in a faith-based environment. We celebrate academic progress and encourage students to develop the confidence to become responsible members and leaders in the global community. You'll recognize Waldron Mercy students immediately because they are confident, capable and committed to the world around them.


Since our founding in 1923, Waldron Mercy has continued the mission of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. We instill in our students the drive to address the needs of others through acts of service from a true sense of social justice.


Every teacher is committed to developing the specific needs of every student and preparing them to lead, succeed and contribute to the world. Waldron Mercy is the top school in the region that balances this commitment to Mercy and service with a student-centered academic program that is nationally recognized for excellence.

Waldron Mercy Academy has been a part of our history for the last four decades. The school and the surrounding community has been a blessing in the lives of our children. The teachers are compassionate about children and passionate about teaching. The students are kind and open to new friendships, and the entire staff embraces both children and parents. What we like best as parents is the diversity and the Mercy values. I applaud the new and innovative curriculum coupled with the state-of-the art equipment that will only result in outstanding achievements for our children. Thank you, Waldron Mercy Academy, for providing a quality education, a safe and trusting environment and an enjoyable experience for the Oates Family. Our kids are much better people because they are receiving a Waldron Mercy education.


"Without a doubt, Waldron Mercy prepared me for high school and beyond. Not only was I prepared for regular classes, but I was also prepared for advanced classes. As a freshman, I was placed in Advanced Geometry, and currently as a sophomore, I am doing very well in Advanced Chemistry and Advanced Algebra II. The rigorous academics at Waldron developed my study habits and stamina, and it also set high standards within my life for which I continue to strive. I was pushed not only to be good, but also to be excellent. That is something I continue to cherish to this day. I was nurtured with so much love and care that Waldron will always have a warm spot in my heart. My kindergarten to eighth grade education at Waldron was a wonderful, enriching experience."



What is a Mercy Education?

During their years at Waldron Mercy, students are taught the Mercy Values* inspired by Catherine McCauley and carried out by the Sisters of Mercy.


Waldron Mercy Academy strives to be financially available to all families interested in providing a quality Mercy education for their children.


We recognize that families bear the primary responsibility for financing their child’s education. Visit the links below to learn more about our tuition and student aid program.

Location is Key


Located less than 10 miles outside of Center City, Philadelphia, our students hail from 56 different zip codes - 59% of our families live in the city of Philadelphia - and travel to school via bus, car, and private van service. 

Flexible Schedule

To make life easier for our working parents, our doors are open at 7:30 and breakfast can be purchased in our kitchen starting at this time. After dismissals, we provide after school care for children of all ages. 

Our Step-By-Step Application Process


Applying to Waldron Mercy is easy! Our Admission team strives to help guide you and your family through every step of the application process and beyond. Our team is made up of professionals who have expertise in acclimating students to the Waldron Mercy community as they too have completed this process and watched their own children grow in Mercy.

Step 1

Complete the online application

Step 2

Submit student records. The Release of Information Form allows your child's current school to release records to WMA. Please also send any standardized tests, report cards, progress reports, IEPs, etc., to admissions@waldronmercy.org

Step 3

Please ask your child’s present teacher to complete the recommendation form and return to admissions@waldronmercy.org

Step 4

Schedule a Virtual Visit Day!

At this time, we are not offering in-person tours, but we would love to meet you and your child virtually! Let us take you “for a walk” around the building to visit some classrooms and meet our teachers. This will give you a chance to ask more questions and learn more about what makes WMA so special. Contact us to schedule a virtual visit!