Summer Service

For one week each summer, WMA sponsors an integrative social service experience in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. A select group of seventh grade students join together with teachers and travel to centers serving local communities where they put their faith into action through outreach ministry.

The students work closely with one another, share ideas and tasks, and interact with adults and children at our service sites. They learn much about themselves and are invited to reflect on their limits and draw upon their strengths. The students are asked to immerse themselves in the experience with open eyes and open hearts. There is much to give, much to receive and much to share with the people of Philadelphia.

Students are asked to apply to the program in the spring and complete an essay based on the following:

  • Why are you interested in participating in the Summer Service experience?

  • What are your hopes and expectations? What are your apprehensions or fears? What do you hope to learn from this experience?

  • Does your faith in Jesus and/or the words of the gospel have any bearing on your desire to participate in this social service experience?

  • What does “service” mean to you? What are some attributes of a service-minded person?

  • Who is a model of service for you? Why?