Governance & Leadership

Waldron Mercy’s Board of Trustees oversees the management of school for the community it serves as guided by the mission set in place by the Sisters of Mercy and the Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA). The Principal reports to the Board of Trustees and is automatically a voting member of the Board. 


The Board is responsible for developing short- and long-term plans; ensuring sound fiscal management; and developing and approving major policies. 

Board Committees are appointed and overseen by members of the Board to better address specific interests of the school. 

Leadership Team

Ann Marie Braca.jpg

Ann Marie Braca


Mark Murray.jpg

Mark Murray

Director of Finance

Barb Scott.jpg

Barbara Scott

Director of Innovation

Theresa Gannon.jpg

Theresa Gannon

Vice Principal

Kristen Romano.jpg

Kristen Romano

Director of Student Support Services


Board of Trustees 


Joan Barone P'08 - Chairperson

Ann Marie Braca - Principal

Anne Kelly King P'14'17 - Secretary

Thaddeus Bartkowski Jr. '94

Curtis Cockenberg Jr. '67

Isabel Cox-Johnson

Marie Michele Donnelly, RSM

Beth Delaney P'02,'06,'07

Brian Fogarty P'07',10,'14

Lou Marchese P'10,'11,'16

Lori McLaughlin

Marilyn F. Murray P'04

Marcia Penn-Cummings P'12

Paul Ryan '66

Ellyn Jo Waller P '05,'06

Marianna Walsh, RSM


Board Committees


The Advancement Committee assist the Principal and the Board in their fiduciary responsibilities by creating a culture of philanthropy and engagement with all constituents, including alumni, current and past parents, corporate and foundation funders, etc. The Committee advises the Principal and the Advancement Team with expertise in fundraising, marketing, outreach and programming for alumni and donors. The Committee promotes all levels of giving (leadership, major gifts, annual fund, special projects and capital campaigns as needed) and efforts to expand the donor base. The Committee advises the Advancement Team on appropriate marketing messages that reflect the school’s mission, as well as recruitment and retention for admissions. Goals of the messaging are to increase alumni/ae and donor involvement, steward donors, develop a stronger community presence, and support development and admission objectives.


The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to support the Mission and Strategic Plan of Waldron Mercy Academy by assuring that the entirety of the school’s policies, procedures and operations recognize and reverence the dignity and uniqueness of every individual who touches or is a part of our diverse community. This Committee also seeks to assure the establishment and growth of harmonious and equitable relationships with and between each of those individuals.


The purpose of the Facilities Committee is to support the Board in its responsibility to adequately maintain and upkeep the land, buildings and equipment of the school. The Committee makes recommendations to the Administration and the Board of Trustees regarding renovations and/or major maintenance issues for Waldron Mercy Academy.


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to review proposed policies that have significant financial impact in the school, and to recommend appropriate action to the Board of Trustees. Its main function is to advise the Board of Trustees on financial policy and planning, including financing of capital projects, investment strategies, external borrowings, and establishment of the annual budget.


The purpose of the Mission and Board Affairs Committee is to celebrate, support, enhance and ensure the Mission in every aspect of the School and Board. This Committee is also responsible for all matters pertaining to Board governance and membership.


The Board of Trustees of Waldron Mercy Academy recognizes that one of its essential duties is not only to hire, but also to retain and support the development of the Principal of Waldron Mercy Academy. The fundamental purpose of the Principal Support and Evaluation Committee is to maximize the effectiveness and accountability of the principal in support of the Mission and Strategic Plan of Waldron Mercy Academy. This Committee assists the Principal in developing short- and long-term priorities that are consistent with the Mission and the Strategic Plan of Waldron Mercy Academy and with the policies approved by the Board of Trustees. The Committee works to ensure that the Principal has the tools and resources to implement these priorities; provides feedback to the Principal on an on-going basis; and prepares, facilitates, summarizes and presents a formal written review by the Board of Trustees on an annual basis. Finally, the Principal Support and Evaluation Committee will report back to the Board of Trustees in a way that ensures the Principal has the continued, full support of the Board.