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Hispanic Heritage Month at WMA

Our classrooms were full of celebrations and lessons in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month! It was extra special to us this year because it is part of our theme for this school year: Celebrating Diversity, United in Mercy. Here is just a sampling of what happened in our classrooms:

Music class celebrated Spanish music and dances in every grade! Here is first grade learning the "La Bamba" dance, which is originally an 18th-century folk song from the Verracruz region of Mexico. They danced to the popular 1958 version, which is the only non-English song on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Eighth grade created a mural with the faces and quotes of influential people of Hispanic descent.

Third grade used stamps to create their own versions of huipil [Wee-peel], a Maya woman's traditional blouse. Historically, a huipil is used to identify the specific village of the wearer, her social and marital status, religious background and beliefs, wealth, authority and individual personality.

Seventh graders researched saints from different Spanish speaking countries and taught the rest of the school about these saints at Community Gathering.

Kindergartners learned all about the cultural significance of sombreros. They watched videos and learned the story of the traditional Mexican hat dance before drawing and painting their own versions in art class.

Preschool created structures inspired by those of architect Antoni Gaudí.


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