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A Field Trip Close to Home

Virtual field trips are all the rage this year. Fourth grade teachers took it a step further by dreaming up a wonderful, cross curricula experience that took their students out of the classroom and onto our beautiful campus.

The morning outside focused on enhancing their social studies unit on Indigenous Peoples by tying in elements from each of the other three core subjects. Students painted “story stones,” representing original narratives they wrote in language arts, inspired by some Native American tribes. Connected to their religion unit on Creation, the students listened to a Kato Native American Creation story set in the American west.

“After the story, we got to sit, reflect, and observe. Mrs. Guarini wanted us to look at nature and see what was going on. I thought about how there wouldn’t be anything to look at if God hadn’t created it,” remarked Stella Scavuzzo.

To further their connections with nature, the students also took a walk around campus wearing self-created sound devices made in science class. There was even a beautiful moment when they stopped to pray with Sr. Madonna, RSM at Mary’s Grotto. A truly memorable “field trip”!

*Published in the Winter 2021 issue of the Blue & Gold*


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