Reading Olympics


How it works

The goal of the Reading Olympics is to increase students' reading for enjoyment and increase reading skills. Students collaborate with their teammates to read forty to fifty books that have been selected by a committee of librarians, reading specialists and classroom teachers. Faculty and staff members serve as group leaders for this fun activity!

You will choose a minimum of six (6) books to read for your team and be the “expert” on your team for those books. You are encouraged to also read as many of the other books on the list as you can to help your team. You will be reading a few of the novels in class.

Please do not sign up for Reading Olympics unless you are committed to reading the books, and attending as many practices as possible, otherwise you will be ineligible to attend the competition. If you have a sports practice on one of the dates below, please get changed, come up to the Library for 45 minutes or so, and then go to sports. If you have a game or any other event, just let us know that you can’t make it.


As stated above, students are to choose a minimum of six (6) books from the Reading Olympics Book List to read for the WMA team.

After reading, students will be expected to complete an oral report on the book at Reading Olympics after school meetings. Students should reference the oral report guidelines before presenting on their chosen book.

As information is received from MCIU on competition dates and other important information it will be posted.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Beth Hymel. Happy reading!


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