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WMA Alumni Newsletter | March 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

READ MORE: Frank DiLella ’98 and His Personal Crusade to Re-Open Broadway

In speaking with TV6 personality and Waldron Mom, Alicia Vitarelli, Frank spoke of his involvement in theatre at Waldron

Mercy and at LaSalle as nurturing his love of live theatre that began at the age of four when he attended a performance of “Cats.”

In January of 2022, Frank executive produced and hosted the PBS documentary – Great Performances: Reopening — The Broadway Revival. “The takeaway to walk away with is that the strength and resilience of this community is like nothing else,” DiLella said. “Ninety-seven thousand people were out of work, and that work did not come back until a year and a half later.”

Read more about Frank and his efforts to Re-Open Broadway:

- TV 6

READ MORE: Tiffany Abney ‘99: Hollywood Stuntwoman and More

While Tiffany has appeared in many films, you would probably not recognize her. That’s because Tiffany is a professional stuntwoman who has doubled for several celebrities, including Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett, Regina King, Saweetie, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, Barrett Doss, Aisha Tyler, and many more. These daring stunts may involve jumping off the HOLLYWOOD sign in Ryan Murphy’s “Hollywood,” or fighting off criminals in Season 2 of Spectrum Network’s “LA’s Finest.”

This type of work is not easy and involves long hours, dedication, bravery, a high pain threshold, and years of training that may not be apparent to anyone watching these films. Tiffany explains her ultimate goal of being an advocate to bring awareness about stunts and the hard work that goes into them. “People in my community have died trying to bring joy to film and television fans all over the world,” remarked Tiffany, and I am humbled and blessed to have the mentality and physicality, the drive and the ambition to do it. I’ve learned so many skills and met the most amazing people. Many of my stunt friends are real-life superheroes.”

Click here to learn more about Tiffany.



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