Mercy Mindset: Dr. Greg Guffanti '97

We invite you to watch the video above, or read the transcript below, to learn more about Dr. Greg Guffanti and his Mercy Mindset! The interview is conducted by current eighth grade students Kayla S. and Mason W.


Theresa Gannon, Vice Principal: As we continue the Mercy Mindset Series, I have the pleasure and honor of introducing Dr. Gregory Guffanti who will be interviewed by our students Mason and Kayla about his time here at Waldron and how he continued Mercy forward. Gregory was an example of the perfect WMA role model of Mercy in middle school when I actually taught him. His personality was infectious, he was kind to everyone. The other students were drawn to him as he was truly an example of Mercy to all.

Kayla S., current eighth grader: Good morning Dr. Guffanti, my name is Kayla and I’m an eighth grader attending Waldron right now. Mason, would you like to go?

Mason W., current eighth grader: Yeah, I’m also in eighth grade.

Kayla: We have a few questions for you and I’m going to start with: what dates did you attend Waldron and what grade did you start?

Dr. Greg Guffanti, Class of 1997: I started in Montessori when I was 3-years-old and I graduated in ’97. I was there 11 years so I guess I went from ’86 to 1997. It’s nice to meet you both, by the way! You can call me Greg, you don’t have to call me Dr. Guffanti.

Kayla: Okay.

Mason: I also went to Montessori. That’s great seeing someone else went to Montessori. So, what’s your current profession?

Greg: I’m a physician, a family doctor. I work in a clinic. So if you see your family care doctor, that’s the type of physician I am. I see kids and adults, women and children, everyone.

Kayla: What high school and college did you attend?

Greg: I went to St. Joe’s Prep which is in Philadelphia. A lot of people from Waldron go… I don’t know, maybe you can tell me if kids still go there.

Kayla: Yup.

Greg: And then I went to Brown University up in Rhode Island. How about you guys, do you have any plans for next year, any high school plans?

Kayla: I’m going to CAPA [The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts].

Mason: I’m going to Haverford, the boys school.

Greg: Yeah, that’s wonderful!

Mason: What sports did you play here?

Greg: I played soccer there and I ran track. Soccer was pretty new when I started, but it was fun. I don’t recall our team being super competitive, we may have scored a handful of goals the whole season, but it was fun.

Mason: Is there a particular coach who inspired you or influenced you? If so, in what way?

Greg: Yeah, gosh, I actually remember Ms. Augustine, my Montessori teacher. I don’t know, who was your Montessori teacher?

Mason: I had Ms. Augustine.

Greg: Yeah, yeah, okay! It was a long time ago, but I certainly remember her warmth and the nice classroom. Another teacher that I remember fondly is Ms. Flanagan, she was an eighth grade teacher.

Mason: She’s still here.

Kayla: Oh yeah, she’s still here.

Greg: That’s wonderful, such longevity of it. And then I also, I think I saw Mrs. Gannon name on the... is Mrs. Gannon still there?

Kayla: Yes.

Mason: Yes, she’s the Vice Principal now.

Greg: She taught language arts when I was there. I think actually she was even Ms. Kelly at some point and then transitioned to Mrs. Gannon, she must’ve gotten married, I don’t know if I pieced that together, I might not have at the time. But yeah, I remember her as well. And Mr. Dougherty, I remember playing football outside at recess.

Kayla: When you think about outreach and service at Waldron, what is one of your favorite memories?

Greg: Hmmm… I busted out my old yearbook to try and jog my memory about some of these things and….I don’t know if I have a specific service memory. Maybe you guys can help me jog my memory, are there any specific activities you guys do around any holidays or projects?

Kayla: We do H.O.P.E [Helping Other People Eat] Lunches ,it used to be very Wednesday, but I think it’s Thursdays now, every other Thursday. We do special dinners during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mason, do you have any? I’m trying to think off the top of my head.

Mason: Yeah, we also do the Thanksgiving food drive where we bring turkeys and cranberries and stuffing and gravy.

Greg: That’s wonderful. I remember doing some of those drives, and the H.O.P.E Lunch sounds familiar, tell me more about that. Where do the lunches go after you make them?

Mason: They take the lunches to the homeless.