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mcauley leadership societyYour Catherine McAuley Leadership Society gift creates opportunities for our students to become leaders and co-creators, establishes connections between our students and the community around them and fosters curiosity in our students. You are the leaders of the Waldron Annual Fund. Thank you.

Named for the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, the Catherine McAuley Leadership Society is a group of alumni, parents and friends who demonstrate their commitment to Waldron by giving $1,000 or more in unrestricted funds annually.

Mother Patricia Waldron Circle $10,000+
Sister Mary Walburga Circle $5,000+
Sister Marylou McFadden Circle $2,500+
Sister Mary Edward Circle $1,000+
Sister Patricia Smith Circle $250+


Monroy FamilyWe as parents must have a special bond with our children's school. This is the place where they acquire the necessary tools to live an independent and prosperous future. We provide the best we can for their lives at home so it should be the same at school. When we donate to the annual fund we are making sure our kids have the best place to reach their full potential. Any amount is important and our effort will be compensated with a bright and happy life for our kids.

Gerardo and Ivette Monroy, P '18
Catherine McAuley Leadership Society, parent chairs


R. Michael Scott, MD ‘54



I continue to feel to this day that my eight years at Waldron gave me a tremendous head start for my eventual career in medicine. Our English, French and Latin language preparation and our history and geography education were far superior to anything my other high school classmates had experienced in their primary schools. I owe what has become a life-long love of the piano to devoted and gifted music teachers, in particular Sister Aimee Marie, who gave me piano lessons for months before my parents knew about it. The rigors of the Sisters’ educational model, although probably not in fashion today, taught us to be disciplined learners. I will always be grateful to the Sisters of Mercy for my Waldron Academy education.

R. Michael Scott, MD ‘54
Catherine McAuley Leadership Society, alumni chair

Greg Guffanti I cannot easily summarize why it is so important to me to support WMA. I spent 11 years there; the most formative early years. To this day I love learning and feel a tremendous gratitude to those in my life that helped grow that seed. I give to honor that gratitude and, more importantly, to help spread high quality education to the following generation.

Gregory Tsai Guffanti, M.D. ‘97
Catherine McAuley Leadership Society, young alumni chair
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