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This year on Giving Tuesday, all of our teachers have a chance to win big in the WMA Treasure Chest! 

ON NOVEMBER 30th - Use the Paypal link or Venmo to give to your teacher! Make sure to add "Name of Teacher You Are Voting For" in the top note section at checkout, or in your Venmo comment.

1 Dollar = 1 Vote


and you can vote as many times and for as many teachers as you like for a chance to win big in the WMA Treasure Box!  The teacher with the most votes will enter a wind booth filled with cash and prizes. Teachers will have a set time limit  to catch as much treasure as they can with their students cheering them on! The remaining treasure from the box will be divided amongst the other teachers participating.  

Treasure will include cash and additional rewards for our teachers and their classroom.  


Mrs. McLaughlin + one of the teachers below will be slimed and the video will be shared on Friday, December 4th!

Keep voting for your teachers below! Polls are open until midnight and it's a close race!! PLUS the top 3 winners all get gift baskets!

Last Points Update : 9:30 pm   NOTE : to keep the winner a surprise, this is the final points update for the night. Voting is still open until midnight tonight! If you remember from last year, anything can happen!