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If you are interested in volunteering for one of the following committees, please email Eileen Everly with your area(s) of interest, or complete the Parents Association volunteer form below.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee helps provide refreshments for events hosted by the Parents Association and has many opportunities to volunteer for an hour or two at a time! WMA invites parents and the general public to our school periodically, and counts on the Parents Association to help in extending hospitality to our guests. This year this committee is organizing a Hospitality Hour for parents after community gathering. The committee also provides refreshments at various functions throughout the year. Responsibilities include providing baked goods and/or beverages and serving refreshments. Some events that the Hospitality Committee hosts include the Back to School Picnic (held every other year) and Open Houses.

WMA Open Houses — September 2016 to May 2017

Work with Joellen McDonnell, RSM, director of admission, and volunteer to greet guests, assist with nametags, coordinate refreshments and take prospective WMA families on tours of the school.

Hospitality Hour, held the first Wednesday of every month after Community Gathering

Volunteer to provide coffee and refreshments for weekly meetings with parents.

Mercy Outreach/Family-to-Family

This committee organizes a wonderful opportunity for WMA families to work together to provide food to individuals with few resources. Families prepare meals and serve them to the men residing at St. Columba’s Shelter in West Philadelphia. This committee also responds to Waldron Mercy families by providing meals, transportation, child care, etc., in times of need, and is the liaison for each grade’s Mercy Outreach activities.

St. Columba Shelter

You have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life by volunteering at St. Columba’s Shelter for men, located between 41st and 42nd Streets on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. This volunteer opportunity will require only limited time – enough to make part of a meal and about an hour at the shelter. Children and families prepare and serve meals to the residents of the shelter starting at 6:45 p.m. Each family is asked to bring enough of one food item to serve 15 to 20 men. Food items include chicken or meatloaf, vegetables and dinner rolls, potatoes and beverages, and a dessert. You may sign up for as many or as few dates as your schedule permits.

Events and Programs Committee

This committee organizes various types of events for WMA students and families. The committee is responsible for two annual events for the younger students, Snack with Santa and the Easter Egg Hunt. Other family events this committee has organized over the years include a hayride, skating party, Quizzo night for parents, Phillies game night, theatre nights in Center City, and a trip to Radio City Music Hall during the Christmas season. Social events vary from year to year. Volunteers are welcome to help plan, organize and/or facilitate specific events. There is a wide variety of time commitments available. This committee also seeks out speakers and programs addressing topics of interest to parents and schedules seminars throughout the school year. In addition, this committee works with the administration to identify research and evaluate special-interest programs that may be directed to the students.

Book Fair

Volunteer to make the Book Fair a success.  We need help to set up, clean up, and organize book lists and sales.  

WMA Parent Social Quizzo Night

Quizzo Night is a fun celebration for the parents, parents of alumni and faculty to join together and socialize. Help plan the festivities of the evening or volunteer to help set up or clean up, take RSVPs or anything else that is needed. 

Easter Egg Hunt (ECC to Grade 2) 

Volunteers are needed to stuff Easter eggs with candy for the younger grades. Volunteers will be needed at a date prior to event. 

Athletics Committee

This committee organizes Homecoming and Winter Carnival activities, the Spirit Club, home game snack sales, intramural basketball, and the sports banquet. It supports sports teams as needed, and if that support requires funding, brings those requests to the PA Board. Major events are Homecoming Weekend in October and Winter Carnival in February.

Homecoming — Fall 2016

We need many volunteers to make this day a success. Food donations are needed, along with help in the kitchen, concession stands, set-up, clean up, crafts and activities.

Winter Carnival 

Volunteers are needed to help set, up, clean up, bake, and sell concessions.

Sports Banquet for varsity student-athletes

Volunteers are needed to sell tickets and assist in organization.


This committee recruits and organizes volunteers to work in various capacities within the school: programs such as monthly faculty treats, Mercy Day, and Teacher Appreciation Day, and departments such as The Albert T. Perry Memorial Library, Computer Lab, Art Room and the Main Office. Volunteer time commitments as little as one hour are available.

Snack with Santa 

Volunteers are needed to help coordinate photos with Santa

Library, Computer Lab, Art Room and Office Volunteer

Volunteer are need to help faculty and staff in the library, computer lab, art room and office. 

Teacher Appreciation Day

This annual luncheon is a tasty way to thank our faculty, staff and administration for all that they do. Help is needed packing the gifts, decorating and baking, We also need volunteers to monitor lunches.

Music and Performing Arts

This committee organizes parent involvement with musical theatre and the choral music programs at WMA throughout the academic year. Whatever your interests or talents may be, such as costumes, sets, ticket sales, refreshments, or chaperoning, there is opportunity for involvement. The time commitment is flexible to your schedule.

Stars and Stripes Theatre Production

production and performance date TBD

Spring Theatre Performance - Spring 2017

production and performance date TBD

Homeroom Coordinator/Parent

The homeroom coordinator’s job is to be a liaison between the lead teacher of the grade, the homeroom parents and the Tigerfest liaison. The coordinator pre-plans events at the beginning of the school year and communicates to the homeroom parents the areas that the teachers would like help with. The coordinators and homeroom parents divide responsibilities to provide and serve refreshments, and recruit volunteers to assist at class activities during the school year. Furthermore, the homeroom coordinator may also have to recruit volunteers for other Aid-to-Faculty activities such as Teacher Appreciation Day, Student Appreciation Day or other grade events and activities.

Homeroom Parent

The homeroom parent’s job is to work closely with the grade coordinator along with the other homeroom parents designated in each grade. The homeroom parent is responsible for implementing and assisting in activities and treats. Along with the coordinator, you may also need to recruit volunteers throughout the year. Homeroom Parents are needed for this year!

Tigerfest Class liaisons 

Help make Waldron’s single largest fundraiser a success! The Tigerfest Class Liaison’s is the “go to” parent for anything Tigerfest. Help to coordinate unique class treasures for the auction, facilitate class gift gathering parties and communicate to other parents as needed.

School Store/Waldron Wear Sales

There are many opportunities to help with WMA's school store and Waldron Wear. Opportunities may include unpacking, folding and pricing new items as they arrive. In addition, it may include setting up/breaking down or volunteering for an hour to sell items at Homecoming, conferences or extended hours around the holidays. If you'r interested in volunteering for the school store and Waldron Wear, contact Suzanne Mullen.

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