2017-2018 School Year Elections

Each spring, the parents and guardians of Waldron Mercy students elect new leaders for the Parents' Association. The members nominated and ultimately elected for these positions play a crucial role in our children’s and families’ experiences here at WMA. Each committee of the PA works under the leadership of the Parents' Association Board which includes President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This year, we have the opportunity to elect a new Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Parents Association. Each parent or guardian of a student is automatically a member of the  Parents' Association and is eligible to be elected to any leadership post and to vote in the election.

The specific duties of the officers are, among others, to preside over meetings of the Parents' Association, to set agendas and coordinate activities, to manage the budget and to collaborate with WMA’s administrative team and faculty. Beyond these duties, our Parents Association officers are a dedicated and creative group of parents who want to create the best environment for learning, friendship and Mercy values for our students and families.

Nominating Committee

Carrie Santoro, Christine Conners and Patricia Passerella

How to Make a Nomination

Now that we've convinced you of the tremendous opportunity that lies before you, you’ll need to know how to sign up! The Parents' Association Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the officer roles of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. You can nominate yourself or you can recommend someone else. If nominated and interested in running for election, you will be asked to submit a short biography for consideration of the parents/guardians who will be voting in the election. If elected to Vice President, you will serve a one year term as Vice President then automatically serve the following year as President. The Treasurer position is a two-year term, as is the Secretary's term. There is absolutely no requirement that you have previously served the Parents' Association or even participated in any Parents' Association events—the only requirement is a willingness to work to help build the best school for our children. Also, if you don’t feel ready to take on one of the officer positions, let us know if you're interested in co-chairing one of our committees, and we'll sign you up for next year.

Election Process and Details

Nominations should be submitted to a member of the Parents Association Nominating Committee on or before Tuesday, April 25, 2017. The nominees and their biographies will be published for all parents/guardians. Final ballots will be published to the Parents' Association members on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Voting will be open for 10 days, and results will be announced once voting is complete on Thursday May 11, 2017.

We really need your participation in this process—whether as a nominee, a nominator, or a voter—to make the Parents' Association as inclusive and effective as possible. If you have any questions, email Eileen Everly, or you contact any member of the Nominating Committee to get more information.

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