Mission and Philosophy

  1. WMA Athletics
    The objective of Waldron Mercy Academy's athletic program is to provide instruction in skills, rules and strategy of each sport, combined with the building of character and good sportsmanship. Opportunity is provided for team experience at the appropriate level of performance.

  2. Instructional, Intramural, Junior Varsity and Varsity
    Our varsity teams participate in the Catholic Academy League and CYO. The leagues are competitive and playing time is not guaranteed. Depending on the number of registrants for any varsity team, except football, cross country, swimming, and track, a try out and cut policy is in place. Each coaching staff will determine the number of student-athletes to be selected for each team, as the number of participants varies from sport to sport. Though Waldron Mercy's Athletic Department's philosophy is to offer every student an opportunity to participate on sports teams at the varsity and JV levels, tryouts and cuts are a possibility, if the number of registrants exceeds a manageable level for our coaching staffs to handle. There will not, however, be cuts for the football and Cross country teams in the fall, swim team in the winter, and track team in the spring which allows for playing opportunities for all students each season. 

A WMA Athlete:

Reflects the spirit of Mercy;
Stresses the Christian value of fair play;
Respects authorities, teammates and opponents;
Exhibits grace in victory and dignity in defeat.

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