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At Waldron Mercy Academy, our interdisciplinary approach allows our students to strengthen their knowledge and skills by incorporating all subjects, from writing in history and science, to technology in service and religious education. The common thread that extends through everything we do is a strong trust in children and a commitment to meeting each student at their level. 

Our specialized and individualized curriculum is just one of the many steps we take to educate the whole child and make sure each student is prepared for what comes next. Our students are recognizable by their confidence in themselves, because they have been guided and encouraged to learn, to lead and to soar.

When they graduate, every student excels in high school, higher education and in the world that awaits them.


Each child’s developmental needs are met in a nurturing environment that provides independent learning and hands-on activities. Students ages 3 to 5 learn in a collaborative classroom based on Maria Montessori’s theory of development.


Our early childhood programs are based on the fundamentals that academics should be great fun and that skills can be mastered with purposeful lessons, hands-on activities, dramatic play, lots of creativity, tons of building, plenty of games, and daily celebration of God's gifts to us.

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